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Sport and innovation enthusiasts, that’s who we are! We seek to put our bodies to the limit, to improve ourselves, and to make our passion a way of life.

We love sports, the effort and the improvement! For this reason, we like to take care of every technical detail in our sports equipment. We believe it is an important part of improving our performance.
We share every Halo experience to help athletes achieve their goals.
We hear everyday the mythical phrase ...” everything is made up”. NO REALLY! Halo has shown us!
On a trip to the United States we had the opportunity to try the Halo Headbands, at last. An innovative product that solves the problem of sweat in the eyes, it is not saturated, it is attractive and once you try it creates addiction. What a good idea!
We were so passionate about it that we decided to help Nick Holslag and Paul Ketchen, its inventors, spreading the word around the world.